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About WOW

Words On Wheel is a collaborative Product of Fury Fest and TRAVELIIN.

We want Artist to spread their love and arts all around the Globe through:


WOW Events and MEET UPs:

Words on wheels is a platform for creating amazing evenings where we invite you to perform (sing, dance, recite your poem or story, perform for an act, etc.) and enjoy the company of people who are just like you, free, bold, dark, messy and more importantly true.


We curate event in a way that it suits everyone. The Artists and the Explorers at Words on Wheels will make you walk through their treks of life experiences. Their performances will make you witness the skies and oceans on the same podium. Believe us, this is exactly the same place that you were longing on any Special day.


WOW Trips

Traveling is not just fun, it’s an emotion; WOW wants to spill your emotion to other buddies who are ready to take you to the depths you might have not explored.

It’s been rightly said; “when you are just about to burst, leave everything, go and travel.” Sometimes, Life seems to bore us, obviously who would love to just wake up and rinse the clothes of the same old dirt each day so we choose to take break and travel.


Travellers who have gone for a Vacation With An Artist said it was a special and unique travel experience. They will definitely do it again. It gave them a chance to relax, explore their own creativity and find a new passion. 


WOW Artists

Meet the World most passionate Artist Community. Connect to the real-world artist and invite them for creating experiences like never before


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GH 01 Prateek Laurel Sector 120, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

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