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Magical Land of Oz, Australia is famous for its natural wonders, vast enticing landscapes, spectacular beaches, ‘the bush’ and the ‘Outback’. It is also one of the most urbanised countries in the world with affluent cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
Australia is a land of dreams. From the Aboriginal culture, coral reefs, rainforests, and scorched, red deserts, it has all, with some quirkiest wildlife on the planet. Australia is also a land of staggering contrast and spectacular beauty. Along the coast, visitors can explore vibrant multicultural cities, safari across vast sand islands, trek through ancient rainforests, and dive the Great Barrier Reef. In the Outback, rugged national parks and red-earthed deserts offer the ultimate in adventure travel. Top it up with a laid-back feel and friendly people and it's no wonder Australia scores top billing on bucket lists of travellers.

Whether you’ve got one or two weeks to see the sights or six months to cover the country in a campervan, here you will find everything you need to know about the places to go and things to do on your Australian holiday. Use the suggested itineraries to help you plan your own perfect Australian adventure. If you’re seeking nature, adventure, art and culture, food, wine or inspirational holidays, you will find everything you need here.

Things to do in Australia:

The overall culture of Australia is an outdoorsy one, motivating even the tourists to go out and surf, swim, jump off bridges or tick off an adventure from your bucket list. Here are a few things you must do during your time in the land down under –

• Go Surfing: Australia has miles and miles of sandy beaches waiting to be explored. Head to the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney or to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in you are fond of surfing. The tropical north offers smaller and warmer surfs while the waves get larger and colder as you go south.

• Relax in the Thermal Pools: South of Darwin you will find a number of natural thermal pools such as the Mataranka and the Berry Springs that are surrounded by calming tropical foliage and palm trees.

• Go Diving or Snorkelling: Take a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef or the Ningaloo Reef to explore the magical ocean life that this region is blessed with. Book yourself a spot on a diving boat and come back with memories that will last you a lifetime.
Bushwalking is also a popular Australian activity that allows you to explore many national parks and rainforests all across the country.

Destinations to visit in Australia

The choices for travelling Australia are as diverse as the country itself. Discover Australia’s cities, states and territories and unique iconic destinations.

• Sydney

Located on Australia’s southeastern coast, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. A modern city with a long history, Sydney is defined by its scenic harbor. Should be near the top of your list, and is one of the top tourist destinations in this country. Aside from the gorgeous and picturesque views of Sydney Harbor and the Australian coastline, there are numerous tourist attractions in Australia that are not to be missed when here. A few to add to your list include: The Rocks, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour, Darling Harbour, Sydney Olympic Park, AMP Tower and Sydney Beaches

• Great Barrier Reef

One of the top destinations for underwater explorers and scuba divers, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest barrier reef system. Located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia’s state of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef encompasses a huge area of more than 2,900 coral reefs and hundreds of islands and cays. Formed by millions of living organisms over a period of millions of years, the Reef is now one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and of the best places to visit in Australia.

• Alice Springs

Located in the heart of Australia about 1500 km (900 miles) from the nearest major city, Alice Springs is comprised of cavernous gorges, boundless desert landscapes, remote Aboriginal communities and a charming pioneering history. It embodies the hardy outback of the Red Centre, and is a travel hub for sights and hikes in the region, such as Uluru/Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and Kings Canyon. Since the start of the tourist boom in the early eighties, the population has substantially grown to about 28,000.

• Uluru/Ayers Rock

For its tropical climate, easy-going ambiance and close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is one of Australia’s most popular vacation destinations. Located on the northwest corner of Australia, Cairns is a provincial but stylish city with a population of around 150,000 people. Few coastal destinations feature more wildlife diversity and more opportunities for travel adventures than pretty Cairns.

• Cairns

For its tropical climate, easy-going ambiance and close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is one of Australia’s most popular vacation destinations. Located on the northwest corner of Australia, Cairns is a provincial but stylish city with a population of around 150,000 people. Few coastal destinations feature more wildlife diversity and more opportunities for travel adventures than pretty Cairns.

• Melbourne

The capital of the state of Victoria, Melbourne is Australia’s second most populated city. Located near the southeastern tip of Australia on the large natural bay of Port Phillip, Melbourne is considered the nation’s cultural capital as well as an important port. A well-planned city known for its shopping, fine restaurants and sports venues, Melbourne is the ideal destination for travelers who appreciate the good life.

• Perth

Located on Australia’s southwestern coastline, Perth is the country’s fourth-largest city and the capital of Western Australia. Isolated from other major cities in Australia, Perth has developed its own unique character. Although the area has been inhabited for thousands of years, there’s a youthful atmosphere and a fun-loving attitude in this city of nearly two million people.

• Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland. It has a population of about 2 million people, making it the third-largest city in Australia, after Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane’s year-round warm climate, spectacular scenery and pleasant locals have been the draw-cards for many domestic and international visitors, making Brisbane the fastest-growing city in Australia.

• Hobart & Tasmania

Hobart is the capital city of the Australian island of Tasmania, as well as Australia’s second oldest city after Sydney. With a population of about 250,000 Hobart is small and intimate compared to larger mainland Australian cities, reflecting the small size of the state. There are many fine examples of Georgian and Victorian architecture in Hobart, such as Salamanca Place, which has a terrace of warehouses dating back to the whaling days of the 1830s. It has a mild temperate oceanic climate, with four distinct seasons.

Must to visit in Australia

Besides world-class cities, Australia is most famous for its natural setting that is unlike anywhere else in the world. With a unique animal life, bird life, flora and fauna, the species that reside here are unique only to his region.

• Visiting Wildlife Parks and Zoos: Every capital city in Australia is home to a number of wildlife parks and zoos. Small towns such as Mogo or Mildura or Hamilton Island offer great chances to explore the local wildlife. Warrawong Fauna Sanctuary in South Australia is a must visit along with the Taronga Zoo in Sydney where you can visit the Koalas while also enjoying the best views in the world.

• Visiting the Key Landmarks of Australia: Australia is home to some key landmarks, images of which are famous around the world. The Uluru in the red centre is an iconic plateau that is a must visit. In Sydney, visit the famed Opera House and hike up the Sydney Harbor Bridge for spectacular views of the city.

• The Great Barrier Reef: No trip to Australia is complete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. Environmentalists from around the world are increasingly worried about the reef being endangered due to urbanisation and human intervention. However, this coral life here continues to be among the best in the world.

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