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Words On Wheel is a collaborative Product of Fury Fest and TRAVELIIN.
We want Artist to spread their love and arts all around the Globe through:

Team - Words on Wheels

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Meenakshi Hooda
Meenakshi Hooda

Abhishank Jain

Abhishank founded Fury Fest in 2017, a community of artists whose objective is to amalgamate the values of arts with the Technology imperialism taught in the classrooms of schools and colleges. Wordson Wheel with art events, meet-ups and training sessions across India and has always tried to inspire people to take up the art as the mainstream course of life

Meenakshi Hooda

Fueled by a passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural diversity. Meenakshi considers herself a ‘forever student’ eager to learn new things from people and places. She loves travelling.In November 2017, she started her own Venture, “TRAVELIIN”. An Integration of my passion for Travelling and to fulfil the Purpose of my Life i.e. Spreading Happiness

Ratan Jaiswal

Ratan Jaiswa loves writing and reading poetries. He is obsessed with the creativity and depth it contains. He also loves reciting poetries and perform them. He is fond of real conversations and open to connect new people.He is part of WoW Team and community and work with an IT startup too.people.He is part of WoW Team and community and work with an IT startup too.

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