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We are providing all kind of independent artists tools, resources, collaboration opportunities and super fans to support them financially. We want the artists to just perform and spread their love and leave the rest to us. From helping them spread their content to running ads to selling merch to creating a personalized payment system and much more.

About Travel

We have created the most diverse community in India

300+ In House Gatherings

2000+ Independent Artists

20000+ Strong and Active Community

Present in 18 cities

1000+ Hours of In-Person Performance by artists

Discover new independent artists and interesting, like-minded locals in your city.

Follow. Engage. Share.

Become a part of our 20k+ community of artists, art enthusiasts and travellers from all over India. Get weekly updates and become an exclusive member of the My Travel community.

Breathe. Relax. Explore

Gather your own family and friends, your colleagues, or your vibe tribe - no matter where you are!

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